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The Chertoff Group Partners with IDSS to Enhance Security at Airports

Each day, aviation security systems are put to the test as travelers with their carry-ons and checked/hold-baggage pass through checkpoints and hold-baggage screening at airports around the world. As global airport staffing shortages persist and the potential for threats remains ever-present, there is a constant, vital need to improve both security efficiency and effectiveness.

To meet this need, security experts at Integrated Defense and Security Solutions (IDSS) and The Chertoff Group have developed a massive multiplexing system that enables checkpoint and checked baggage images generated onsite at any airport to be screened remotely at redundant centralized locations. The details are explained in our fact sheet.

This system uses patented covert node technology, developed by The Chertoff Groups Lee Kair, to insert real threat objects into the baggage stream, producing system-wide performance data for threats. Our team has validated that our solution allows remote image review at the same speed as the local airport checkpoint with typical airport bandwidth requirements.

A live demonstration of the system conducted by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) on June 23, 2022 marked a major milestone. In it’s press release, DHS S&T highlighted the demonstration, DHS S&T called the demonstration successful, and showed that the massive multiplexing system can send computed tomography (CT) X-ray images of carry-on and checked/hold baggage to remote locations for near real-time analysis of potential threats.

The new system enables TSA to optimize workflows and direct images to specialists or TSOs with availability, based on screening requirements and workload demand. Ultimately this enhances security effectiveness and improves the traveler experience by reducing wait times and providing a more seamless experience.

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