Areas of Focus:

International and Domestic Transportation Security

Federal Acquisition and Capture Support

Transportation Security Technology

Crisis and Risk Management, Strategy, and Implementation

Foreign Ownership, Control, and Influence Mitigation

Recent Engagements

• Advised a leading global technology company regarding Federal acquisition strategy and capture support to successfully win multiple multi-hundred million-dollar Federal contracts.

• Provided expertise and advice to an international space company to establish a FOCI mitigated entity and associated facility clearance.

• Facilitated creation of a comprehensive corporate strategy for a large IT services company’s entry into Homeland Security sector.


Lee Kair is a Principal at The Chertoff Group. In this role, he advises global clients on a broad range of issues including homeland and transportation security, business strategic planning, and capture strategy for Federal contracts.

Lee has 28 years of senior security and acquisition experience at six Federal agencies and departments in operational and acquisition roles. At Lee’s most recent Federal agency, Lee oversaw the 54,000 front line employees at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implementing national domestic security operations as Assistant Administrator for Security Operations as well as Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) responsible for the contracting of TSA’s $2.5B acquisition budget. This provides a unique blend of operational expertise and business acumen to help clients understand business and security strategy.

At The Chertoff Group, Lee understands the nexus between security and business strategy to promote growth. He advises global companies in a wide range of sectors for how to effectively manage risk. Lee also advises companies in the security and information technology regarding the best strategies for growth.

Key Leadership Positions:

• Chief of Operations (A), Transportation Security Administration
• Chief of Mission Support (A), Transportation Security Administration
• Assistant Administrator for Security Operations, Transportation Security Administration
• 2-time Federal Security Director (Central Florida and Greater Tampa Bay)
• Regional Director, Europe/Africa/Middle East and DHS Attaché to Germany, TSA/DHS.
• Assistant Administrator for Acquisition and Head of Contracting Activity, Transportation Security Administration
• Senior Advisor to the Director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (Department of Defense)


• M.S. Government Contract Management, The Airforce Institute of Technology, Wright Patterson AFB
• B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Florida State University

Recent Publications, Interviews and Panels

“Biometrics can protect our borders — along with our privacy” The Hill, 5/9/2019

“Challenges in modernizing aviation security technology” Television Interview, Government Matters, , 1/19/2019

Topics: Security Risk Team, Federal Strategy Team

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