Security Risk & Resilience

The Chertoff Group helps organizations manage security risk and ensure resiliency with robust, actionable plans, leveraging people, processes, and technologies.

Managing Security Risk and Ensuring Resiliency

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In an unpredictable world, risk comes in many forms. The ability to protect people’s assets, and reputation while managing risk is critical for any organization. Predeveloped plans and policies are essential to ensuring resiliency, but creating robust, actionable plans can be complex.

The Chertoff Group: Your Partner in Risk Management

The Chertoff Group, a leader in security risk, can help ensure that your organization is equipped to manage risks in an increasingly turbulent world. The firm believes that effective security and business continuity programs are both a differentiator and an enabler for business. They ensure clients, employees, facilities, and supply chains are safe and reliable.

Our Approach to Risk Management

Risk management usually begins with a profile and impact analysis, and an intelligence-driven assessment of existing threats, vulnerabilities, and potential consequences. Coupling an experienced in-house team with an extensive network of global partners, The Chertoff Group can leverage the right configuration of people, processes, and technologies needed to mitigate and continuously monitor security risk.

The Chertoff Group's Unparalleled Insights

The Chertoff Group couples unparalleled insights and our DHS SAFETY Act-Designated Risk Management Methodology to help clients effectively manage dynamic risks and accelerate growth. The Chertoff Group supports public sector and large global organizations, and high net worth individuals in their efforts to assess, mitigate, and monitor complex risks through our dedicated Security Risk & Resilience Practice.

Organizational Risk Assessments

Determine how well you’re prepared to manage security risks and ensure effective continuity of operations.

Maritime and Aviation Security Services

Protect your passengers and cargo from diverse threats and align your programs with emerging regulations.

Enhanced Due Diligence and Competitive Intelligence

Leverage our intelligence background to illuminate potential risk from business partners, competitors, or political exposure.

Security Master Planning

Craft effective policies and procedures that are aligned with the goals of your organization and fine-tuned to meet known or potential risks.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Understand who is targeting your organization and whether exploitable gaps exist.

Supply Chain Security Risk Management

Assess and build effective SCRM programs that anticipate incursions, mitigate risks and meet dynamic regulatory requirements (e.g., C-TPAT, AEO).

Business Continuity and Resilience

Assess and enhance business continuity programs and engage cross-functional stakeholders to anticipate risks, reduce downtime during disruption and drive organizational resiliency.

Outsourced “Chief Security Officer”

Fill interim Chief Security Officer roles during times of transition or inaugural program builds.

Our Security Risk & Resilience Team

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Brian Hess

George Fields

Duke Gibbons

Brendan North

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