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The importance of high-performing cybersecurity programs is underscored by the increasing cyber attacks on organizations and  supply chains. We help companies of all sizes build resilient organizations that anticipate and address complex cybersecurity risks with confidence.

Anticipating Cybersecurity Risk

In today’s digital landscape, organizations across various industry sectors are facing increasingly disruptive cyber attacks. These dangerous assaults are not just targeting the companies themselves, but also their supply chains. Such developments highlight the critical importance of high-performing cybersecurity programs.

The foundation of these effective cybersecurity programs lies in three key elements: transparency, accuracy, and precision. By incorporating these building blocks, organizations can better protect their systems, manage risk, and mitigate the devastating effects of cyber threats.



Building cybersecurity programs that are grounded in, and traceable to, authoritative frameworks is a key practice. This increases security assurance and avoids the pitfalls of “black-box” opacity.



An accurate program comprehensively maps likely threats to specific threat-informed defenses. It’s crucial to validate that these defenses are operating as intended to protect against potential cyber attacks.



Precision in cybersecurity involves achieving a fine-grain understanding of exactly where defenses are applied across an organization’s environment. This drives risk-informed implementation and testing, ensuring that no area of the organization is left vulnerable to cyber threats.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity for Business Resiliency

Organizations can reduce cyber risk by prioritizing cyber defenses based on authoritative security frameworks. Whether the goal is to mature your security posture, inform business risk, or meet compliance or insurance obligations, we can help. We apply authoritative best practices, deep resident expertise, and a network of trusted partners to help organizations of all sizes position their cybersecurity programs for business resiliency. Our approach focuses not just on preventing attacks, but also on preparing for attack recovery. By focusing on cyber resilience, we ensure that your business operations are prioritized over just data security, enabling you to bounce back quickly from any potential threats.

Our Services are Aligned to The Chertoff Group Security Risk Management Framework


Evaluate cyber hygiene, controls, critical assets, and inherent threat profile to prioritize cybersecurity initiatives.

  • Streamlined cybersecurity risk diagnostic assessments: enable risk-driven decision-making and transparency for security investments and tool optimization.

  • Cyber hygiene reviews: increase asset configuration and domain trust visibility to harden the network and assets.

  • Comprehensive maturity assessments: determine inherent risk profile and alignment of defense measures with objectives.

  • Specialized assessments: evaluate effectiveness for addressing specific risk (e.g., ransomware, CFIUS, regional).


Determine and build the components needed for strong defense and risk mitigation.

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity program build: documents business profile and high-value assets; customized threat-informed defenses for cloud and hybrid architectures.

  • Cyber insurance support: assists with rapid deployment of capabilities required to maintain coverage, then builds and validates the cybersecurity program.

  • Policy: establishes core cybersecurity policies, procedures, and standards to increase security program transparency and consistency.

  • Customized leadership exercises: stress-test cyber crisis management roles and response plans, decision-making, escalation and communications.

  • CISO services to implement and sustain baseline cybersecurity capabilities


Establish baselines and tools for the continuous monitoring and reporting of security posture. 

  • Metrics development and progress reviews: provide leadership visibility into program implementation and effectiveness.

  • Board risk reporting and threat briefings: translate evolving security risk and their potential business impacts and show progress against security goals and objectives.

  • Audit and testing: leverage authoritative framework and sampling to validate the existence and effectiveness of key controls.

  • Thought leadership and public policy: support enables communication of approach to security risk management to external stakeholders.

Building Cybersecurity "Muscle"

Cybersecurity risks are increasingly intertwined with physical security impacts as well as a rapidly changing geopolitical and regulatory environment. We regularly combine cybersecurity services with parallel physical or geopolitical/regulatory expertise to deliver integrated risk-informed advice.


  • Apply an offense-informed defense analysis, based on the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, to assess technology environments from the mindset of an adversary.
  • Reflect the changing nature of inherent risk in program design and account for implementation risks so organizations avoid trip-ups as they build their programs.
  • Prioritize preventive and detective measures based on risk and assume that an incident will happen, and we work with clients to design for resiliency.
  • Build continuous validation to ensure effective security performance over time.

How do you embrace AI while managing risk?

We help you chart a path to deliberate, risk-informed AI adoption.

How is your Trust and Safety program performing?

We’ve developed a Trust and Safety framework working with digital travel, transport and entertainment brands. We can help you identify and address risk gaps using repeatable frameworks. 

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