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PERSPECTIVE: The Men and Women of TSA Deserve Better Than a Recent Distorted Narrative

Source: Homeland Security Today

Despite not having sufficient budgetary support and enduring decades-long criticism of “security theater” at the checkpoint, the Transportation Security Administration’s loyal officers have persevered with grit and integrity. The internal code at the agency is one of #neverforget and #notonmywatch.

So, it was unfortunate that on Aug. 31, an online outlet called The Verge published “The Humiliating History of the TSA” in which author Darryl Campbell alleged TSA played nearly no role in stopping terror attacks. He developed a distorted narrative of a disgruntled workforce with little career opportunity or ability to use their intellect to mitigate terrorist threats.

Then on Oct. 9, Apple News released a podcast interviewing Campbell on his TSA story. He again mischaracterized the difficult job of TSA’s frontline Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) and the complex risk management approach baked into the agency since its inception. So here is a balanced perspective with firsthand insights.

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