15 years

Michael Chertoff & Chad Sweet

Chertoff Group Celebrates 15 Years in Business

Today marks the 15th anniversary of The Chertoff Group.  As we cross this significant milestone, we wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on that incredible journey.

In the beginning, there was…. nothing.

Exactly 15 years ago to this day, we started The Chertoff Group with nothing but an exciting vision in the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Against that daunting backdrop, we embarked on an uncertain but exhilarating journey with the following:

  • No brand
  • Couple of borrowed offices and a cubical
  • No clients
  • Zero revenues

Together with all of our dedicated colleagues, a decade and a half later we have been fortunate to achieve so much that it is too hard to encapsulate it all… but here are just a few highlights of those many collective accomplishments:

  • Throughout economic cycles, government shutdowns, domestic political turmoil, geopolitical shocks, and many other twists and turns, we have successfully served our clients and generated almost a quarter of a billion dollars in total revenue
  • We started an investment bank, Chertoff Capital, that has now successfully completed over $10 billion in transactions
  • We launched a private equity practice that, between our one-off investments and our committed fund, has now invested over $100 million in a diverse portfolio of dynamic growth companies creating significant value
  • We have proudly provided good paying jobs and every two weeks consistently met 347 payrolls for our talented team
  • We have now built one of the world’s premier brands in our industry
  • Most importantly, throughout that amazing journey, we never compromised our values and we can confidently say we enabled a more secure world for our clients and loved ones

That’s a track record that all of our colleagues here deserve credit for achieving and that we take pride in.

We are blessed that we have built an intellectually challenging and rewarding work environment.  When we execute with excellence on behalf of our clients each day, we take pride in knowing that the work we do really matters, and that we are contributing in a meaningfully positive way to the security of our community, our country and the world.

Finally, our legacy is about the success of our clients.  We would not be here if it were not for our loyal clients and investors who have been true partners with us from those fledgling days 15 years ago.  We will never forget that loyalty, nor will we ever take it for granted.  Everyone at Chertoff Group knows we must earn that trust and loyalty every day if we are going to maintain our status as a premier advisor of choice in our industry.

This has been an incredibly fulfilling journey so far.  As we turn from reflecting on the past to looking to the bright future ahead for The Chertoff Group, it is exhilarating to think about what this amazingly talented team will accomplish for our clients and investors over the next 15 years. 

With gratitude & great expectations for the future,

Michael Chertoff                                                                   Chad Sweet

Michael Chertoff and Chad Sweet are co-founders of The Chertoff Group.

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