Aaron Roth speaks to Rigzone about Houthi Strikes in Red Sea

Supply chain security and the risk of escalated conflict in the Middle East region are concerns stemming from the recent Houthi strikes. The Chertoff Group‘s Aaron Roth recently discussed the evolving regional dynamics with Rigzone.

“Aaron Roth, a principal and head of Federal Strategy at the Chertoff Group, who has led maritime interdiction operations in Persian Gulf and Red Sea as a member of U.S. Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces, told Rigzone the recent incident in the Gulf of Oman differs slightly from attacks in the Red Sea “given this vessel was involved in a previous dispute between the U.S. and Iran (sanctioned oil)”.

“We expect the tension to persist as Iranian backed militants in Yemen and other locations … escalate the pressure on Israel and its allies,” he added.

Roth told Rigzone that protecting ships is challenging given the threat from drones and missiles but added that Operation Prosperity Guardian is providing military capability in the region to protect maritime shipping and said the results have been positive, “as we saw earlier this week when a swarm of drones and missiles were defeated”.

“We anticipate that Iran will continue supporting militants and it will be a challenge for the U.S. and its partners to delicately balance protecting shipping with not spreading the conflict to the larger Middle East,” Roth noted.”

The story by Andreas Exarheas, can be found here.


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