Christian Healion

Christian Healion is a Senior Analyst with The Chertoff Group’s Strategic Advisory Services practice area.

Before joining The Chertoff Group, Mr. Healion interned with the Center for Strategic and International Studies where he contributed research to a report on Congress and U.S. foreign policy. He also interned in the Office of Senator Ed Markey, at the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies at the National Defense University, and spent two summers working for the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office in Massachusetts where he helped the operations of the Office’s Press and Policy teams. He is also a former intern at The Chertoff Group.

 Mr. Healion is pursuing a Master’s degree in Security Policy Studies with concentrations in Defense Analysis and International Security at George Washington University. He received his Bachelor’s degree with honors from George Washington University in International Affairs and Political Science with a concentration in Security Policy.

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