Areas of Focus

• Technology and Security Policy Analysis and Development
• Public Policy Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach
• Privacy and Security Program Evaluation

Recent Engagements:

• Worked with clients to engage in encryption-related policy discussions with key stakeholders and raise awareness of the role of encryption technologies in securing government, corporate, and consumer data

• Conducted a Red Team analysis, including regulatory, political, public relations, and process risks, regarding the proposed sale of a major technology asset by a Fortune 50 company to a foreign buyer and provided follow-on strategic advice support to the seller

• Managed multiple evaluations of the safety incident categorization capabilities of major “sharing economy” technology platforms in support of their broader safety and security programs

• Assisted a client in its efforts to establish a workable legal framework for transnational law enforcement data requests and supported stakeholder engagement efforts to inform policy proposals and build support for the effort

• Led the drafting of long-form whitepapers on major technology policy issues including the role of encryption in securing user data and national security considerations related to the domestic deployment of 5G technologies

Alan Wehler is a Director at The Chertoff Group where he helps companies understand and address major technology and security policy issues. Alan works with clients to build their understanding of policy issues, develop appropriate engagement strategies, and engage stakeholders. He assists organizational leaders in understanding the strategic challenges facing their security organizations and works with security and privacy program leaders to address these challenges. He has managed high-profile technology and security policy engagements for major technology companies, law firms, and industry associations.

Prior to joining The Chertoff Group, Alan worked as an Assistant Project manager for a Wounded Warrior Program with a Department of Defense contractor. He also worked in a variety of policy research roles relating to nuclear weapons proliferation and homeland security programs.


• M.A., George Washington University
• B.A., The College of William and Mary

Recent Publications, Interviews and Speaking Engagements

• “Together or Apart on Privacy,” August 21, 2020,
• “The feds need to stop using a 30-year-old law to access user data online,” The Hill, October 23, 2017,
• “Microsoft Wins, Google Loses, and Confusion Reigns on Laws Surrounding Law Enforcement and Cloud Computing, February 7, 2020,

Topics: CFIUS Team, Geopolitical Team

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