Security Series Resources

Since 2013, The Chertoff Group Security Series has become a respected community building event to discuss important national security and risk management issues, highlight innovation, and network with leading practitioners, policy makers, investors, and thought leaders.


Bloomberg BNA

Title: Clarity in Cybersecurity Board Talks Yields Best Results 



Title: Cybersecurity in the Boardroom


Blasting News

Title: Former DHS Secretary calls for security experts to raise their game


Silicon Angle

The Role of the Board Director in Cybersecurity

Description: Jim Pflaging, Principal and Head of Technology Sector and Business Strategy Practice, The Chertoff Group

Governance, Measurement, and Response

Description: According to Forbes and BNC, nearly 70% of board members say digital transformation is forcing fundamental changes to their security strategies. What role should the CISO have in developing the larger security strategy? What is the boards role in cybersecurity vis a vis management? What can management do to help the board better understand their cybersecurity program and obtain their help on key areas which require board leadership?

Artificial Intelligence & Security

Description: Executives are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) security solutions to protect their organizations and fight a growing cyber threat landscape.

Fireside Chat: The Board’s Perspective on Cyber Security:
Risk Management & Growth Strategy

Description: In their capacities as CEO, Board Director, and Board Chairman, Steve Daly and Secretary Chertoff will share their perspective on how security as evolved into a top business risk, source of competitive advantage, and pillar of growth.

Spotlight Session: Perspectives on Borders,
Walls, and Opportunities Commerce & Security

Description: Eric Frost, Director, Homeland Security Graduate Program, San Diego State University

How Cryptocurrencies and Distributed
Ledgers Will Transform the Digital Economy

Description: As many organizations & industries embrace and progress their own digital journey, distributed ledger technology has been positioned as a disruptive technology that will challenge many aspects of our current lives; from how we leverage technology in health care, how we vote, to payments and transactions more broadly. Our panel of experts will share with us the current challenges & opportunities in leveraging distributed ledgers (e.g. blockchain) to create competitive advantage for customers and stakeholders.

Spotlight Session:
In Search of the Warrior Spirit

Description: Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD – Founder + Co-Director of Methodology, Strozzi Institute

Call to Action

Description: Michael Chertoff, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, The Chertoff Group


August 2017 Report: Security in the Boardroom

Description:  Cybersecurity is a board room topic in nearly every organization.  For many boards, security has evolved from a technical risk to a business risk – a top business risk.  Further, proper integration of security and privacy concerns are essential components to effective digital transformation efforts.  However, mystique around cybersecurity can prevent board members and management from improving their cyber fluency and driving required organizational improvements. The Chertoff Group Security Series focused on “Security in the Boardroom” with a goal of providing practical tools to board members and management to improve their organization’s cyber resiliency, and drive competitive advantage.



December 2016 Report: Focusing on the Future: Prioritizing Security in the Digital Economy

Description:  In today's digital economy, developing and prioritizing a cyber strategy is critical to address diverse and evolving threats, foster trust in the technology we use, and define a path forward where security is seen as a business enabler. The Chertoff Group’s premier post-election cyber conference convened thought leaders across government and industry to share their unique insights and predictions around topics involving the impact of the election on the future of cybersecurity, innovative ways the public and private sector are tackling cybersecurity issues, and how enterprises and boardrooms are increasingly addressing cybersecurity not solely as a risk – but as a growth enabler.



May 2016 Report: The Three T’s of the Digital Economy: Technology, Threat, and Trust:

Description: On May 19, 2016, The Chertoff Group hosted our seventh Security Series event in Palo Alto, California. Convening over 250 technology, security and business leaders, both in-person and via live stream, the purpose of the event was simple as we sought to address a fundamental question:  "How do we create growth and advance security, while at the same time protect public safety and individual privacy?" Read through our unique insights and predictions shared around topics involving encryption, identity and authentication, cybersecurity investments, and how security is being addressed in the boardroom.