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The threat-informed hands-on assessment helps organizations understand vulnerabilities and implement specific ransomware prevention strategies to thwart future attacks

WASHINGTON--()--The Chertoff Group, a premier global advisory firm that provides security risk management, business strategy and merchant banking advisory servicestoday announced that a streamlined Ransomware Readiness Assessment is now available to new and existing clients.

The Chertoff Group’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment empowers organizations to effectively leverage people, processes and technology to prioritize preventive measures based on risk, protect high-value assets and design for resiliency to mitigate the impact of future attacks.

Ransomware attacks have increased dramatically in recent years, crippling business operations unless and until payment is made to the attacker. Moreover, in certain cases, disruption rather than financial gain is the ultimate objective. A number of major global companies were impacted by notPetya, a ransomware campaign originating in Ukraine in June 2017, with impacts at one company running over $750 million. As one in five businesses that pay the ransom will never recover their data, the ability to effectively defend against attacks is critical to productivity and reputation.

Led by The Chertoff Group’s world-class team of security experts, the Ransomware Readiness Assessment identifies and addresses security vulnerabilities and provides a set of practical, actionable recommendations customized to each client’s environment. The Chertoff Group leveraged its proven SAFETY Act-designated Security Risk Management Consulting Methodology to design the assessment.

“The rise in sophistication of ransomware attacks is alarming,” said Michael Chertoff, executive chairman and co-founder of The Chertoff Group. “We’ve seen organizations of all sizes across every industry impacted by the disruptive financial, operational and reputation effects of ransomware. Our goal in rolling out the Ransomware Readiness Assessment is to provide our clients with the knowledge and tools needed to immediately protect critical systems and data.”

Specifically focused on controls relevant to mitigating the threat of ransomware attacks, the assessment covers how organizations can better address the prevention/detection of and response/recovery to ransomware. The streamlined assessment supports leadership and internal IT professionals in immediately addressing pressing ransomware risks while protecting the integrity of IT systems and data.

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About The Chertoff Group:

The Chertoff Group is a premier global advisory firm focused on helping organizations implement best practices in security and risk management. The firm enables clients to grow and secure their enterprises through risk management, business strategy and merchant banking advisory services. The Chertoff Group is one of the only professional services companies in the world to have achieved SAFETY Act designation across all industries for its proven Security Risk Management Consulting Methodology. The SAFETY Act was enacted by the United States Congress in 2002 to foster the development of effective anti-terrorism capabilities by providing important legal liability protections to sellers of capabilities that could save lives in a terrorist attack. Through its Security Services Practice, the firm offers comprehensive security assessment, risk management strategy development and ongoing monitoring services to help clients anticipate changing risks and build capabilities necessary to navigate today’s complex global and corporate threat environment. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the firm maintains offices in Menlo Park, Calif. and New York. For more information about The Chertoff Group, visit
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