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Nation-Backed Cyberattacks Escalate Push to Bolster Data Shields

A string of recent state-sponsored cyberattacks has US government agencies stepping up their cybersecurity protocols and advisement, creating pressure for private-sector companies to shore up their defenses or risk potentially devastating hacks.

Strengthening cybersecurity is more important than ever ahead of midterm elections in the US, as nation-backed hackers tend to ramp up attacks worldwide on critical systems during politically active cycles, according to cybersecurity advocates. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February has also been followed by an increase in Russian-backed attacks on targets in Western nations.

Many companies in industries such as health care and manufacturing lack sophisticated cyber protections, but taking proactive steps now can help prevent security breaches and costly litigation down the road, attorneys say.

Companies should automate online threat testing in the wake of ransomware operations by Iranian-affiliated hackers targeting US critical infrastructure, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned in a Sept. 14 multinational cybersecurity alert.

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