Trump Administration Can Help Finance Sector Shift Cybersecurity Paradigm

By: Michael Chertoff and Frank Cilluffo

Source: Forbes

2016 was the year that dramatized how cyber criminals can threaten the global financial system with the click of a mouse. Portending more ominous developments, banks around the world have disclosed losses in the millions from cyber heists that manipulated the critical interbank financial messaging platform, SWIFT. While the cyber thefts and fraudulent transfers are troubling in their own right, they disconcertingly highlight systemic risk and a potential single point of failure in the financial services sector.

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Movies, Popcorn, and National Security: The CFIUS Committee May Expand its Scope to ‘Soft Assets’

By: Alan Wehler and Lex Suvanto

Source: Morning Consult

Last month, 16 members of Congress wrote to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to express concern over recent changes in the U.S. movie industry. Their concerns had nothing to do with the quality of the latest super-hero film or the price of popcorn, but instead with the significant influx of Chinese investment in companies such as Legendary Entertainment and AMC Theaters, both of which were recently purchased by Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate.

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Passwords Are The Weakest Link In Cybersecurity Today

Source: CNBC
Last month’s news of the devastating breach at Yahoo stunned even the most seasoned security experts, given its impact on more than 500 million individuals.
Somewhat lost in the news of this attack and others including OPM, Anthem, and  the DNC is that the impact of each of these breaches cannot be viewed in isolation.  Rather, each is one node in a much bigger effort driven by state-sponsored actors to gather data on people in sensitive positions. 
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American Economic Activity Is Rooted In Global Flow Of Information

Source: Forbes
In July, citizens around the globe watched a coup attempt unfold in Turkey, by following it on their smartphones and computers through Facebook, Twitter and other online media. Turkey's president turned to his iPhone to help thwart the coup, appealing to his country's citizens via Facetime on live television while calling for his supporters to take to the streets via the very social media platforms he once denounced and repressed.
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