Business Strategy Services

Our focus encompasses deep knowledge of today's ‘tech’tonic shifts including cloud computing, mobility, data analytics, industrial security and IoT more broadly, and open source. With this knowledge, we developed particular expertise in specific security markets including identity, data security, network and endpoint, security management, security services, and specialized government needs.

Through our offices in Menlo Park, Calif. and Washington, D.C., and network of advisors across North America, Europe, and Asia, we are able to translate our insights and knowledge into services addressing specific growth strategies and security capabilities. 

Corporate Strategy

We offer a wide range of “full lifecycle” advisory services focused on helping firms accelerate organic growth and broader corporate strategy, including finance and M&A. We provide strategic business insight and recommendations based on state-of-the-market analysis and work side-by-side with clients to develop market opportunity and competitive advantage. Our services include:
  • Development of more secure customer-facing solutions
  • Identifying new areas for growth & potential acquisition
  • Financial, budget and specific target assessments
  • Insight into government contracts & programs

Alliance and Market Development

We help companies accelerate growth by identifying go-to-market challenges and developing effective strategies to favorably shape their product, positioning, and channel activity. Our services include:
  • Advice on structuring entities and transactions
  • Improved product knowledge and market insight
  • Creation of new partnerships and alliances

Positioning and Strategic Communications


We provide strategic advice and communications support to help companies better understand and articulate specific points of view around issues relating to their business objectives and strategy.  Our efforts are focused on helping companies enhance trust and advance brand, reputation and competitiveness through business strategy, communications and stakeholder engagement. Our services include:

  • Entry into new markets and regions.
  • Creation of thought leadership platforms
  • Improved positioning of existing capabilities
  • Develop meaningful relationships to advance points of view


Situation: ​A large association that represents electric power companies wanted to raise awareness and more effectively communicate how the industry was working to ensure a reliable and resilient power grid, while managing a broad array of all-hazards and ever-evolving threat environment. 

Strategy: The Chertoff Group designed and led a Threat Scenario Project to explore possible high consequence, low frequency threats facing electric utility companies and the recommended practices used to mitigate them.  Next, we provided recommendations and assisted with external outreach to key stakeholders while also helping to prepare a toolkit to help industry members become better prepared to answer questions and proactively communicate on cybersecurity issues. The Chertoff Group issued a report to help educate and inform stakeholders about the investments made to date and near term priorities to ensure a baseline level of understanding and build confidence in the industry’s risk management approach.

Result: After engaging in more proactive activities including speaking opportunities; media interviews; and outreach to think tanks, academics and other opinion leaders; members of this industry were able to proactively discuss the industry’s risk management approach and proactive investments in security. They are more regularly consulted about security concerns today and have been recognized as more mature in their level of preparedness when it comes to responding to a crisis should one occur.

Members of Our Business Strategy Team