The Chertoff Group

Balancing Encryption and Safety - Episode 48

Show Notes:

In light of recent attacks on events and public facilities, law enforcement communities are tempted to enact sweeping changes to laws affecting businesses and their data encryption.

In parallel, recent legislation abroad has focused on data access laws that allow authorities to compel businesses to alter their products and services.

The intent behind these laws is to ensure law enforcement has access to user data so it can prevent attacks in the future.

Chertoff Group Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Michael Chertoff argues that we shouldn’t weaken encryption for this understandable – yet narrow – law enforcement use.

Would building extraordinary access into American products and services really present an answer to these problems or further weaken security?

In this episode of Insights and Intelligence, get answers to this and other concerns, including:

  • The potential scope of laws currently being considered
  • What vulnerabilities those laws might introduce into secure communication
  • Alternative tools and practices available for law enforcement that can still provide material pathways to prosecution and public safety

Follow up the podcast with a closer look into the encryption access debate:

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