Global Access to Data: The Coming Revolution

By: Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Advisor, The Chertoff Group

“Data is the new oil.”  Or so say the pundits.  If it is, then we are about to experience the first great international data transformation, much as oil transformed transportation.

Indeed, we are on the cusp of one of the most significant transitions in international governance since the fall of the Berlin Wall heralded the end of Communism.  Perhaps that is an overstatement for dramatic effect, but if it is, the degree of excess is rather small.

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The Evolving Landscape of Cybersecurity Liability

By: Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Advisor, The Chertoff Group

Sitting in a small group setting with cyber policy experts in Washington, D.C., I heard a well-respected cyber policy analyst say: “The cyber security of the Internet of Things is a national security issue. It is long past time for the law to impose liability on those who write insecure code.”

The implications of this statement are far reaching.  Let’s take the automobile industry as an example.  For developers and manufacturers, the security of the systems they are deploying in cars they are currently designing is a matter of good engineering.  They are worried about safety, effectiveness, cost, and efficiency. However, in Washington, government is worried about cyber-attacks.  And with Washington being Washington, the way they will act is the way they do best – through law. 

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