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Case Study

market & competitive survey

The Chertoff Group worked with a large Aerospace and Defense Company to provide a detailed assessment and analysis of the cybersecurity market and competitive landscape.


Facing significant downward pressure due to pending defense budget cuts, the company sought The Chertoff Group assistance to identify potential cybersecurity opportunities the company must focus resources on over the next five-to-ten years in order to facilitate growth in the cybersecurity domain.


The Chertoff Group accomplished this task by assessing the competitive market terrain including overall market size, as well as specific trends and dynamics within each sub-category relating to technology and human capital needs. We also prepared a comprehensive analysis of cybersecurity business prospects within NSA, DHS and U.S. Cyber Command, as well as its military affiliations.


The Chertoff Group utilized its broad network of cybersecurity experts and strategic partners within the private and public sectors in order to provide due diligence and technical vetting to determine the most validated approach to the highly competitive and disaggregated cybersecurity market.


The Chertoff Group provided the company with a comprehensive analysis of the top five  cyber-market leaders, including competitor capabilities, performance, partnerships, and future business strategies. The Chertoff Group also compiled market projections capturing future market size, growth, and identification of major trends and influences shaping the market space over the next five years.


The Chertoff Group has exceptional knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape, informed from multiple perspectives: we are consultants to cybersecurity businesses, advisors to both small IT businesses & leading systems integrators, and former customers of top-tier cybersecurity vendors.

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