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Case Study

cybersecurity breach response

The Chertoff Group worked with a leading Internet Services Provider (ISP) in developing a tactical and strategic response to a security breach into its information technology systems.


The ISP learned of a significant and malicious cyber intrusion into its IT systems and needed assistance developing and deploying an effective tactical response while also strengthening its strategic security protocols.


The Chertoff Group developed an internal response plan and external communications strategy while providing discrete consultation and technical support to investigate the origins of the breach. We also reviewed potential forensic tools that could be added to the company’s toolkit to detect and respond to future incidents.


The Chertoff Group provided selective introductions to United States law enforcement and intelligence agencies to ensure an accurate characterization of the incident. The Chertoff Group also provided guidance to develop an effective response & recovery plan to ensure continuity of operations against advanced and persistent threats.


The Chertoff Group was able to assist in locating the origins of the breach and to implement mitigation and remediation policies that addressed this vulnerability. The Chertoff Group also assisted in developing a corporate plan to protect executive-level communications. The Chertoff Group also reviewed and made recommendations to the company’s information security policies and procedures.


The Chertoff Group brings unique insight, perspective and relationships in cybersecurity & information assurance gained from decades of national leadership experience. Our SMEs understand the threats based on preventing, mitigating, and remediating some of the most salient national cybersecurity threats.

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“Our principals earned their reputations through direct operational responsibility and demonstrating successful results. By applying that same dedicated ‘hands on’ approach, we are now helping our clients achieve their objectives.”

Michael Chertoff