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Case Study

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The Chertoff Group provided exclusive consulting and business development services to a Silicon Valley-based Company seeking to gain a market presence in the Intelligence Community.


Although its technological solution was believed to have high applicability and relevance in the US intelligence community (IC), the startup company did not have any relationships with key members of the IC. The company was not yet aware of the idiosyncrasies of the individual agencies or the particular business opportunities in this market space.


The Chertoff Group worked with the company’s management to determine the efficacy of its federal sales efforts through both high-and-mid-level customer outreach throughout the IC. The Chertoff Group also conducted a thorough mapping of long-term market opportunities though its own proprietary research as well as utilizing its network of customers and experts. 


The Chertoff Group helped the company craft tailored market approaches for individual agencies within the IC based on historical understanding of mission, challenges, budget, and trends. The Chertoff Group also worked closely with the company’s business development and federal sales team to establish and maintain effective relationships with the customers. 


As a result of The Chertoff Group’s deep subject matter expertise and knowledge of emerging federal security requirements and trends, the company has improved its long term prospects with influential organizations within the intelligence community. The company also has strong, working relationships across the interagency with key stakeholders. 


The Chertoff Group can improve the business development function of both young and mature companies and can help uncover long term market trends and opportunities.

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“Our principals earned their reputations through direct operational responsibility and demonstrating successful results. By applying that same dedicated ‘hands on’ approach, we are now helping our clients achieve their objectives.”

Michael Chertoff